Colorado, USA


  • The project is 60% owned by Moab Minerals and contains many historic uranium mines including, Blackfoot/Rattlesnake, Wedge, Merry Widow, Sunbeam and Vanadium King that have not been subject to exploration since the 1970’s, other than initial sampling by MOM.
  • 256 contiguous BLM mining claims (~5,000 acres which
    is 20km2).
  • Located ~130 km east of the town of Moab.
  • The region is famous for the nearby Mi Vida uranium
    mine discovered in 1952 by Charlie Steen – the Mt Vida
    district produced 22,000 tonnes of U308 to 19651.
  •  Within trucking distance of the White Mesa Mill, the only operating conventional uranium-vanadium mill in the US that has 90% spare capacity available to toll treat mined ore.

1 – Hiram B Wood (1969) Geology and Exploitation of Uranium Deposits in the Lisbon Valley Area, Utah in Ore Deposits of United States 1933 – 1967, Vol-1.

REX Project location map

Recent Exploration

High Grade Uranium & Vanadium

  • Sample results with strongly anomalous uranium and vanadium up to 0.53% U3O8 and 3.32% V2O5 announced December 2021 1.
  •  Initial sampling program returned high grade uranium and vanadium results, 12 samples recorded an average grade of 2,246ppm U3O8 (0.22%) with a peak value of 5,280ppm U3O8 (0.53%) returned 2.
  • Sampling of surface outcrops and selected underground workings has identified visible uranium mineralisation.
  • Exploration is ongoing with mapping and sampling programs planned to establish the extent of the mineralisation and extrapolate trends into areas suitable for drill testing .
1 – ASX Announcement – Strong Uranium-Vanadium Results from REX Project (20 December 2021)
2 – ASX Announcement – Initial results from REX project highlights high-grade uranium-vanadium potential (22 July 2020)
REX Project location map


The Famed Uravan Mineral Belt

  • The Uravan Mineral Belt lies in southwestern Colorado and
    has been a major source of uranium and vanadium in the
    US for more than 100 years.
  • Mineralisation occurs in the sandstones of the Salt Wash Member of Morrison Formation within well-defined, sandstone filled paleo river channels which are several hundred metres wide and up to a few kilometres long.
  • In this belt the carnotite deposits generally have closer spacing, larger size, and higher grade.
  • Mines within the confines of the Uravan mineral belt account for 85% of the uranium that has been produced in the area.
  • Substantial potential exists to define significant uranium and vanadium mineralisation in areas where the prospective flat lying stratigraphy does not outcrop.
  • Most deposits in the belt have uranium/vanadium ratios ranging from 1 part uranium to 5 or 10 parts vanadium.
REX Project Exploration Summary